AD FS SSO Web Page Customizations

The AD FS SSO Web page may be used by Relying Parties when providing access to users who are not on the organization’s network. In support of this, the AD FS SSO Web page can be customized with the organization’s preferred look.

Below are two simple customizations to make the AD FS SSO Web page more relevant.

 Add the Logo
  • The logo image file can be .jpg or.png
  • Save the image file on the AD FS server to c:\inetpub\adfs\ls\orglogo.png (or orglogo.jpg).
  • On the AD FS server, open c:\inetpub\adfs\ls\web.config in notepad.
  • Locate the text below:

<!– <add key=”logo” value=”logo.png” /> –>

  • Remove the “<!–” and “–>” to uncomment the section.
  • Change filename to match the logo image saved.
  • Save the file and close.
Remove the Hostname Header Above the Login Box
  • On the AD FS server, navigate to C:\inetpub\adfs\ls\MasterPages.
  • Edit the MasterPage.master.cs in Notepad.
  • Locate the following text:
 PageTitleLabel.Text = Page.Title;
 STSLabel.Text = FriendlyName;
  • Change the text to:
STSLabel.Text = "";
  • Save the file and close.

Before customizations (default):AD FS SSO Web Page - Before

After customizations:AD FS SSO Web Page - After