5 PowerShell Quick Tips

Check out these 5 PowerShell quick tips.  Helpful?

Tip #1

When working in the PowerShell ISE, enter cntrl+j to bring up a list of snippets to make writing your script easier.

PowerShell TipTip #2

To open a separate window for PowerShell help information, use the ShowWindow parameter.

Get-Help Get-Process – ShowWindow

PowerShell Tips

Tip #3

PowerShell has been out long enough to have several versions.  Use this command to check the PowerShell version.


PowerShell Tips

Tip #4

Out-GridView is my new favorite output format.  Check it out. You can sort by columns and add filters to make viewing data easier.

Get-Process | Out-GridView

PowerShell Tips

Tip #5

Utilizing the PowerShell Help files is critical for getting the most out of PowerShell.  Beginning with PowerShell version 3.0, you can ensure that you have the latest help files available by running the Update-Help command.  You will need to run PowerShell as administrator to download the latest help files.

PowerShell Tips