O365 – Konica/Equitrac Woes

We use Equitrac on our Konica Minolta Multi-Function Printers for secure print.  Now that we are migrating to Office 365 for our e-mail solution, I needed to determine how to update the mail relay settings on the Konica MFPs for scan-to-e-mail functionality.

Our current hosted Exchange service provides a mail relay server that will send to both internal and external e-mail addresses.  However, the mail relay configurations available in Office 365 are more complex.

The Direct Send option is the simplest—just set up the relay configuration and send–which is similar to our current setup.  However, this option only works for sending internal e-mail.

The options for sending external e-mail via relay are SMTP Client Submission and Office 365 SMTP Relay.

The Office 365 SMTP Relay option requires an on-premises relay server.  Since we are currently hosted and have no e-mail on-premises infrastructure, this was not an option.

We started down the path of the SMTP Client Submission option.  I created a mailbox and set up the mail relay settings accordingly.  Scan-to-e-mail worked for internal recipients, but not for external recipients.

I searched the Internet for solutions, but the articles I found that showed how to configure the Office 365 SMTP relay for a Konica Minolta did not include the Equitrac option and therefore did not apply to us.  I contacted Konica Minolta support and after much research and testing we still could not get the external scan-to-e-mail to work.

I was then escalated to their Equitrac support.  Again, after much research and testing, we still could not get the external scan-to-e-mail to work. We finally escalated to Nuance and they said they would review the request and let us know what could be done.  The next day, they came back with the answer that the Office 365 SMTP Client Submission relay option is not supported in Equitrac.

So much for that.  So we are going with the Direct Send option.  As a workaround, if a user needs to scan to an external e-mail recipient, they will first scan to their own internal e-mail address and then forward the document on to the external recipient.

Why did I write this?  Because I spent a lot of time with Konica and Equitrac support and it might just save someone else a lot of grief.